Monday, June 13, 2005

Take a Trip to OllyWorld

So, this kind of thing would be straight up humor, if there weren't actual folks reading and believing and quoting this guy as knowing what he's doing. Here's something to send every righty tighty who calls Howard Dean a dummy. (But please ignore Democrats who criticize our Yankee leader...)

Right Wing Garbage Link Here Read it, shake your head, marvel at the idiocy.

Let me explore this fantasyland we shall henceforth call OllyWorld. In OllyWorld An 'Ambassador' is the person who is responsible for military cooperation & communication. Democrats in the Senate have conspired to keep a hold on our Ambassador to Iraq. Meanwhile, back in really real world, the Department of Defense and the President of the United States of America are really responsible for military coordination. That's why we call him "Commander In Chief."

In OllyWorld and really real world, dittoheads are upset that Sen. McCain and the Centrists (sounds like a ska band) are still thinking about sending Bolton to the UN, and that this is a bad thing. Perhaps the guys don't want to send the "Got Milk?" impression to the rest of the world.

In OllyWorld, The Energy Bill, written by oil companies, is going to lower gas prices, and we should pass it. Meanwhile, back in the really real world, if oil companies wanted the prices to be lower, they would lower gas prices without legislation. That's called lazy-fair economics.

In OllyWorld, Democrats control the US House of Representatives. They are
working to cure disease and weed out felons, and this is a bad thing. Meanwhile, back in the really real world, when the timestamp rolls around to 2006, Democrats will control the US House of Representatives, we will work to cure disease and weed out felons, and this will be a good thing. Many Republicans from Texas will probably be arrested (but that's something from paTLand).

Olly sounds pretty mad at the folks in charge. Isn't he a Republican? (Maybe we should ask Sifl)

On a less funny note:

In OllyWorld, our Senators or Representatives don't care that Afganistan is
producing more opium today than it did before the war. In OllyWorld, this same legislature is the reason American troops are dying in Iraq. And back on the ground, in the really real world no less, the Senate and the House are controlled by Republicans that Olly helped put in office. In the really real world, the number of Americans killed in Iraq has just crossed 1,700.


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